Top 10 reasons to retire early

Top 10 reasons to retire early
by Aakanksha Sharma

Early retirement isn’t a new concept. You’ve all thought about it. Some of you are already on your way. For those of you who are still pondering on why & how to do it, Secvolt today brings you a list of Top 10 reasons to retire early.

You all would agree that you’ve wondered about your retirement plans. Well, some choose to pursue their lifelong hobby, some travel the world, some relax, and on & on. How to become independent financially to live the life you’ve always wanted to? One of the most prominent reasons for early retirement is to become financially independent through recurring income. Financially independent? Well, when you can live your desired life without the condition of having to work is when you become financially independent.

Please note that it isn’t the same as wanting to work. If getting your money to work for you and achieving financial independence is one of your prominent reasons to retire early, then Secvolt is the answer! Our research, algorithms, and applications will give you the returns your hard-earned money deserves. 

#1) Retire early for the SATISFACTION:

When you retire early, nothing will beat the satisfaction that you’ve done something worthwhile with your life. In your professional and financial life, you must have done something so right that you have the means and the leisure to retire early. And this particular feeling is good enough to be one of the reasons to retire early from work. And this reason should also induce you to start working toward financial independence with Secvolt.

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#2) Retire early to lead the life of your dreams:

If you are not living under a rock, you would know that investing and compounding is the way to get your money to work for you. Book a call with Secvolt today and manifest your dream returns. We believe you have a strong enough reason to start working rigorously towards achieving financial independence and retiring early if you already have a list of things to do when you retire.

#3) Retire early to spend quality time with the people you love:

Have you often taken your loved ones for granted? Have you always thought that once you complete this assignment, you will talk to your partner or children only to find them sleeping at the end? Then, you know who are among your reasons to retire early.

#4) Retire early to soak in the beauty of this globe

 We live on an exotic planet that awaits you. The places, the nature, the creatures, the wonders; Either you can work your entire life and miss out on all the beauty, or you can invest smartly with us, become financially independent, and soak in all that this world has to offer. If you have looked at travelers and felt a tad bit jealous, if traveling the world tops your list of things to do when you retire, then don’t wait.

#5) Retire early for the adrenaline rush

Bungee Jumping, Sky diving, paragliding, cycling, running, hiking- what do you think all these have in common? The adventure, the charm, the adrenaline rush. That feeling where you can hear your heart pounding through your ears. If you are someone who lives for it, we know the more you work, the more you’re advancing towards an age where you won’t be able to do these anymore. To be able to do these, you have to be young & you have to be free. So, if you want reasons to retire early, listen to your adrenaline rush!

#6) Retire early for your body

The toned muscles, abs, biceps- all these wouldn’t sculpt themselves while we sit at our desks or work our minds off. As you grow old, problems like hypertension, blood pressure, or something else will affect your system. Even if you possess those six-pack abs today, the screens and long-term strains hamper them in one way or the other. And if Yoga or going to the gym tops your procrastination list, you have multiple reasons to retire early.

#7) Retire early for your mind

Same as early retirement, mindful living is not a new concept. Longer work hours do not just affect your physical health but your mental health too. And the more you burden it with, the more it deteriorates. It needs its fuel to keep moving. It will also give you a sense of purpose when something meant for your mind makes it to the list of things to do when you retire.

#8) Retire early for your creative self

That canvas you put aside long back, that book you started writing but never completed, that hobby you thought you’ll pursue when you’ve enough money, the time for all those is now. Honing your hobby won’t just get your creative juices flowing but will also release all those happiness & accomplishment hormones. Again, this feeling is one of the best reasons for early retirement.

#9) Retire early to be that school-going curious kid again

If there is anything that you’ve always wanted to learn, be it cooking, baking, designing, sculpture, pottery, or anything in the world, after retirement is when you can. If any of these is on your list of things to do when you retire, it is time to start working toward early retirement. After early retirement, you’ll have the time, resources, energy, and finances to go after it full-time.

#10) Retire early because you only live once

Life expectancy lowers as you grow old. To be precise, you’re not going to live forever! And today, you might eat anything and get away without exercising, but this isn’t going to be the case forever. We cannot discount the stress that comes with working throughout your life, let alone working through your retirement. And even if one of the reasons to retire early mentioned above is on your list, don’t wait. Because you only live once!

Early Retirement And Financial Security

Now that you have a long list that must have left you thinking that you need to gear up with your financial planning, you must be wondering where to start. Saving, investing, compounding- you must have come across these terms when talking or reading about financial independence. Secvolt (Global Investment Management Firm) can take you down that path and make you financially independent. And financial freedom is the backbone of early retirement. It gives you the security of standing tall and the leisure of not getting concerned when something arises out of the blue. At Secvolt, we take pride in protecting our client’s wealth and growing it with our expertise. Your reasons to retire early from work are our reasons to work.

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Aakanksha Sharma

Aakanksha Sharma is the Senior Content Writer for Secvolt, the hedge fund from Delaware. Hailing from a place known for its grandeur- Chittorgarh, India, Aakanksha brings along a perfect blend of figures & emotions. She completed her Bachelor's in Entrepreneurship, then went on for a year-long fellowship program with a national NGO. Having worked with a diverse clientele as a content writer & a businesswoman for two years post the same, she decided to leap into the finance niche. Aakanksha is a people person. She possesses a love for various forms of content. Time & again, you can find her having conversations while sipping on caffeine!


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