Quant based management

Earn up to 42%

No Risk. No fee.

Withdrawal anytime.



Low risk, Low reward

CDs, Fixed deposits, Bonds and saving accounts are providing less than 7% per annum.

High risk, Low reward

Hedge funds, Mutual funds are risky. They provide less than 25% per annum.

Market risks

Stocks, forex and other markets can lose stability and go down more than 20% in a day.


S registered inflation of more about 7% per annum. All time high in 40 years. 

Solution: Secvolt, Inc

Earn at least 26% and up to 42% p.a

Completely secured and insured

Military grade encryption by industry leaders. Insured using blockchain technology. Account never goes beyond pre determined risk tolerance.  

Consistent results

Our quant model provides results consistently by working on two systems. Fixed system provides from 26% to 42%p.a and variable model provides from 26% to 512% per annum.

Monthly Returns

Each month clients can withdrawing profits as passive income or reinvest them for compounding future growth. You can withdrawal anytime you want.

Past Performance


4 years ago in 2018, we started testing historical data to create this quant based system. Each year we increase protocol’s total volume by average of 827%.  Its volume was $28,000,000 last year. Doing $200,000+ in a single day. In total it took 32,797 decisions using high leverage getting to a total of 89 decisions per day.

Started 4 years ago.

Secvolt.com started trading through quant system 4 years ago constantly increasing its volume by average of 827% each year.

$28,000,000 last year

System reached $28M in volume within one year. Taking 32,797 trades using high leverage and doing average of 89 trades per day.

$397,000+ in one day

The system reached at least $200,000+ trading volume within a single day. It is scaled and tested on each step of its journey.


The system uses: High precision and high leverage on multiple assets simultaneously to generate consistent returns.

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