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Since 2018, We are building the pinnace of quant based investment protocol. During this time we have analyzed and kept track of progress of the system. We analyzed historical data on cryptocurrencies, stocks & commodities dating back to 1980s. Combined patterns and back-tested about 157 strategies from top fund managers around the globe. It led to creation of Secvolt’s quant system.

Each year we increase protocol’s total volume by an average of 827%. Its volume was $28,000,000 last year. Doing $200,000+ in a single day. In total it took 32,797 trading decisions using high leverage getting to a total of 89 decisions per day.

Key Statistics

Trades taken last year

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Trades per day

Average $ size per decision


AVerage Cumulative return in 2021


AVerage Increase in Volume each year

Decision making process of system

1. Real-time data analysis.

The system analyzes complete indexable internet to see current trends and popularity of assets. This fundamental provides information regarding current and upcoming trends and momentum of assets. Analyzing social channels on internet provides the primary confirmations during decision process.

2.Trend & Technical analysis.

System analyzes all key indicators including:

VWAP, SAR, RSI, EMAs, MACD, Pivots, Fibonacci channels & retracements, support & resistance levels, micro and macro trends on multiple time frames.

This complete analysis of indicators provides secondary confirmation during decision making process. 

3. Historical Data & Pattern analysis.

The historical data of assets since inception combined with a priority base list of patterns including:

Ascending / Descending Triangle,
Head and Shoulders, Channel, Falling / Rising Wedge, Double Bottom / Top, Triple Bottom / Top, Bullish / Bearish Flag,
Bullish / Bearish Pennant, Rectangles, Triangles.
3 point Extension/ 3 point Retracement. 

This provides Tertiary confirmation during decision making process. 

4. Unifying opportunities 

Once an asset goes through the three step decision making processes. Its future entry and exist points are saved by system. When the asset is close to the correct zone the system activates orders on asset account and uses risk tolerance and other calculations to determine entry, exit and stop loss zones. These zones are dynamic and change with time to provide maximum returns.


Case Studies

These decisions were taken consistently by system on smaller size asset investments. Example: Suppose an investment account is $100,000. The system takes decisions on multiple assets with sizes ranging from $2,000 to $15,000 investment at a 20x margin. These small size investments help in maintaining the account without breaching risk tolerance of client and risk limitations. 

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+1 (646) 480-0465

447 Broadway, 2nd Floor Suite #1191, New York,
New York 10013, United States