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Secvolt is a specialized Investment Management company in the investment sector, which manages and invest wealth for high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) worldwide using a quantitative investment technique. Secvolt has a single, straightforward objective: to provide exceptional returns for our investors while reducing and mitigating risk.

We have a qualified team that carefully examines the market. With his knowledge and great observation, Mr. Divakar Choudhary directs the team to maximize market profit. When it comes to technology, Secvolt utilizes a quantitative investment management system that examines past stock and commodity market data. Additionally, we use APIs to work on the Binance SAFU system to increase your funds’ security further.

The secret to making money is not easy, but thanks to our committed team, we have managed to turn a profit during a down market. Everything relies on where you invest your money, and making decisions based on emotion is not always the best action. The team is not a regular team but a set of people involved in making a big change in your life.

How does returns at Secvolt work?

Secvolt is unique among investment  management companies because its personnel and operating procedures are designed for high-risk management. Systems are governed by people, and individuals are motivated by emotions as markets go through ups and downs.

Hence, it depends on whether the clients are taking a fixed or variable plan. Accordingly, they can calculate the returns and make investments.

How are we better than other Investment management companies?

The thing that separates us from the competition is the robust mechanism that we have built using the dual combination of quant based systems and human intelligence. We have combined, researched and implemented the data sets that’s hard for competing investment management companies to achieve.

4 years ago in 2018, started testing historical data to create this quant based system. We examined past data on cryptocurrencies, shares & commodities dating back to 1980s. We then combined the patterns and back-tested 157 strategies from top fund managers around the globe. It led to the creation of Secvolt.

Since then we have increased protocol’s total volume by an average of 827%. The protocol performed well in extremely volatile derivatives markets

Secvolt trusts in building relations and money with the customers simultaneously. They would provide a balance with a greater number of returns and manage all the risks involved in the process. Secvolt would be a trusted company to hand over your finance management to them.

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+1 (646) 480-0465

Ste 1200, 1309 Coffeen Avenue, Sheridan, WY, USA, 82801